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Hello! We’re having our AGM this Thursday, where we are going to elect the committee for next year! If you would like to run for any position and haven’t told us about it yet, please do before the meeting 🙂 Currently we have three positions open: President, Treasurer and Secretary, if we will have more […]

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Talk Night

Hey guys! This Thursday at 6pm, we’re planning on watching Frank Abagnale’s talk on ‘talks at google’ as suggested by Oliver. His biography was adapted into a feature film that you may know as Catch Me If You Can, where he tricked FBI agents by being a confidence trickster, check forger, and impostor. When he […]



Hello Again! Next Thursday we’re having a documentary night. Here is a list of films that we’re planning to choose from: Lo and Behold Alphago Zero Days The A.I. Race Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine Deep Web Citizenfour The Internet’s Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz The Blockchain and Us The Secret […]


ammonia gelatin

[IMPORTANT POST – ELECTIONS – PLEASE READ] Hi guys, It’s the end of year coming up, which means only one thing… AGM time: we are holding the elections on the 29th of March!As 3/4th of the committee is leaving and James might not be returning next year to his committee position either, it means there’s […]

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Challenge night

Hello!! We’re going to have a kind of a throwback Thursday this week, since we’ll have a maze challenge, that we had last year. It was lots of fun, so we decided to bring it back! Bring your laptop and we’ll see you there!!! Happy hacking, SUCC Committee

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Pizza and Games Night!

Hello! Sorry for notifying you so late, but today we are going to have a bit of a ~chill~ meeting after last week’s Quantum Computing webinar, we’re gonna order pizza, mingle and play games! 🙂 [I know I don’t make it sound that exciting, but bear with me! 😛 ] If you would like to […]

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Room Change For Quantum Computing Webinar

Hey! We have a quick change of rooms! We’ll have our webinar in 2B42 at 6pm tomorrow.

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Quantum Computing Webinar

Hello! This Thursday at 6pm we’re going to watch an online presentation about quantum computing presented by Jay Gambetta of IBM. It is an ACM Learning Webinar called “QISKit: A Swiss Army Knife for Quantum Computation”. We’ll be meeting up in 4B96, if you don’t know how to get there, here’s a quick guide. Here […]


RobotWar Tournament

Hello Everyone! As you can see we’re having a robotwar tournament on our first meeting! But firstly, I would like to say thanks to all who voted on our meeting time polls, our new meeting time will be on Thursdays at 6pm! We have booked the 4B96 room for all weeks, so that is where […]

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Hello! Hope everyone of you had nice holidays and the first days of this new year are as adventurous as the rest of the year! The timetable for the spring semester is out and we can’t wait to see you all in the club! We have decided to change the day of the meeting this […]

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